Corporate Gifts - The best give aways

                    “Happiness leads to success” 

Companies grow when employees give their best and employees give their best when they are happy. Hence, the above given quote has justified itself, that success is directly proportional to happiness. 

Employee satisfaction is must for the growth of a company and to satisfy employees bigger brands uses appraisals, incentives, parties, trips and most commonly corporate gifts to make their employee happy and to drive them towards work. And this not only drives them towards work but quality work.

A recent survey was conducted were employees are more happy when they receive gifts and parties instead of receiving appraisals and incentives. Corporate gift ideas not only satisfy your employees but also helps in business branding.


Customized Inflatables Promotional Shapes

If you are looking for a giant customized Inflatables Shapes of animal,cartoon character or your business products for promoting business values. APD promotions provides you inflatables items with company slogans imprinted with company logo

If see in recent there are multiple ways to market your business and promote business values. Promotional products always induce a better feeling to a buyer and attract them. If you have a business of car servicing then how you can engage customers.Visibility of a products ensure a high value return.If you have inflated car in front of your garage it will attract customers as it is very much visible to them.


So what are waiting for lets check plenty of promotional products at APD Promotions Australia. Visit website or contact us.

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Top 5 Promotional Products To Buy For Business Promotion

No one can deny the ample success of promotional products for business branding. They do click in expressing and promoting a brand to great extent. These products are tested means of promotional strategy that can make your business to grow sky high. However, some marketing analysts believe that there are certain things that has been known in order to get promotional campaign down to a fine art. Hence, there is a need for promotional products to be handpicked. Discovering and deciding which promotional products are best is half the battle won.

As per PPAI survey, best promotional products in terms of percentage of customer’s desires:

  • Consumables (e.g., food gifts) are 58%.
  • Wearable ( e.g. caps, T-shirts, jackets, etc.) are 50%.
  • Tech-savvy products (e.g. mouse pads, flash drives, keyboards, etc.) are 46%.
  • Collectables (e.g. bags, notebooks, briefcases, etc.) are 46%.
  • Writing aids (e.g. pens, pencils, markers, etc.) are 40%.
  • Time Planners (e.g. desk planner, calendars, watches, etc.) have considerable percentage of consumers’ desire.

Top promotional products as per current market share:


  1. Wearable occupy 31.1%
  2. Writing aids have 9.0%
  3. Calendars have 8.4%
  4. Drink-ware have 6.8%
  5. Bags have 6.5%

Wearable: These are  most effective products for any promotional campaign that includes Caps, T-shirts, jackets, etc. These items cover extra miles in marketing a business. Personalized clothing are always unique and hence people usually walk around wearing these products.

Calendars: These are classic promotional items but still are terrific products for promotional purposes. Being commonly used items, recipient’s name on the calendar can be customized or printed. Calendars are inexpensive and is considered a “daily-use” item.

Drink-ware: Items such as drink bottles, plunger set, travel mugs, cups, etc. are hot in terms of drink wares. Drinking tea or coffee is a usual in our lives. Customizing or printing attractive logos on mugs are not only seen by owners but visitors as well.

Writing aids: They should be simply designed and colored to avoid making them look cheap and ordinary. These items are still popular like the way they’ve always been.

Tech Gadgets: Due to our dependence on technology, tech gadgets are always popular promotional item. Some of them are mouse mats, flash drives , computer speakers, CD carry case and other computer and phone accessories.    

All these promotional products and gifts can really work wonders for sky rocketing your business brand and in turn your revenues.


Celebrate Australia Day With Customized Promotional Products

History makes us understand who we are and how we came to be. In its records are defining moments that makes us who we are today. Human societies have the tradition of celebrating these important events as they have shaped our present lives.

Australia Day is an important event that marked the birth of the present Australia or a day of celebration for the foundation of British settlements. This Day is celebrated annually on 26th of January as a national holiday with thousands of large and small events taking place across the nation. This day, as there are free barbeques, concerts, beach parties, festivals, etc, provides the best opportunity for businesses to reach out far and wide.

Wide spread celebration:
Australia Day is a designated public holiday in all territories and states. People will have a day off from work and enjoy the day with various large gathering events such as sports, picnics, concerts, parties and ceremonies.

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Business Promotion through Promotional flash drives & USB Sticks

Promotional products are gaining popularity day by day and almost every businessman is using these products to enhance its business identity and brand recognition. Today, there are wide range of giveaways presented in the market that businessmen  can use to popularize their business and can choose the one according to their desire and budget.

However, it is not a matter of price only. While choosing an item for advertising, it is always essential to identify that what products people like and want to use on regular basis. The main objective of these promotional products is to promote a brand or a company. Hence, locking these merchandises inside the drawers will not fulfill the actual purpose of getting the brand or company name being highlighted before a large category of people.image

Although, there is no shortage of promo items available in the market but uniqueness and usability of the giveaways is always appreciated by the receivers. One such useful product is Custom USB flash drives.  

USB flash drive is electrical, small size, handy memory devices that operate as a portable hard drive when plugged into the USB port of a computer system. These products have generated a revolution in the market of electronic data transfer tool since they can be used more conveniently over floppy and compact CDs for office and daily use.

Use of floppy and CDs is not preferred these days because of several disadvantages. The floppy discs and CDs are more prone to being damaged frequently. Moreover, they are more expensive too. They also does not hold much data and are not reusable. All such limitations are not presented in USB flash drives. Instead, they offer numerous benefits. Their rewritable feature and longer life are some of them. Custom USB flash drives gained popularity very rapidly and the main reason for this is their wholesale price which are lower when compared with other promo items. Presently, they work as an effective corporate gift and marketing tool with customized logo embossed on them. Today, they are acting as a best advertising product for targeting specific market sector.

One of the latest feature added in a flash drive, not known by many, is its ability to speed up personal computer. Flash drive can be used as an external RAM  in several windows version of operating systems. Moreover, latest television sets, video player and music system all render the facility of of having USB ports. Nowadays, we can insert the USB drive to watch video files and listen to music. This is not the end, there are many more benefits of  using Promotional USB flash drives. Today, they are also contributing in an eco-friendly green environment. They are manufactured from eco-friendly raw materials that  do not contain harmful toxic substance like mercury, lead and cadmium.

These are some benefits of the product which your customers receive if you offer them such wonderful giveaways.  If you really want to make your customers happy flash drives are great way to win their heart  and loyalty.


Bring Your Ideas To Life With APD Promotional Products

It is proved by surveys that at a company which uses promotional materials to advertise its services and products have about 70% chance of gaining popularity when comparing with its nearest competitors. This is a market strategy that looks simple, but this is magical stick that works as a great marketing tool. These are corporate advertising products that generally have the company logo printed on them, along with the message.


If you want to get more and more customers and want that they know more about your company, distributing custom promotional gifts, is the ideal way to do this. If you want to inform about your new launches or introduce your consumers with your improved product, promotional product is best method. But, how these promotional products help in promoting your business in large geographical area? This is a typical question that arises in the mind of most of the businessmen, especially when they are planning to adopt this idea first time. So, here are some ideas mentioned about how logo imprinted custom corporate gifts can help any business campaign.

Daily use materials: Try to choose daily use products, so that your customers remember your company’s name for a long time. For example, you can gift them custom flash drives. This is the item that is so frequently used by the large number of people these days. However, custom made promotional toys of different shapes horse, rabbit, etc is also a good choice if your targeted customers are small kids.


Quality products good professional image: Distributing cheap and useless items is of no use. If the customers find the product is of no use, he will throw it out on the dustbin. And this is really very bad for your company image and reputation. So, always select the quality items for promoting your business. The companies that have low and limited budget can choose the option of wholesale promotional products. in other words, you can order for advertising items in bulk straight from the manufacturer of these items. This is the perfect way to buy quality products at the lowest price.

Targeting business associates in a crowd: In international business conference, businessmen and business associates come from all over the world and this is the best time to impress other business person with which you want to do business. Hence, this is the perfect time to distribute custom inflatable giveaway.

Although, the promotional products have many advantages, it is essential to select the promotional company in Sydney very careful. Always try to hire a company that can sell you high quality merchandises and supply your order on right time.


Perfect Seasonal Greetings With Christmas Corporate Gifts

Christmas is only a few days away and it is the perfect time to start planing about promoting your business throughout the world. In the corporate world, all time is good to distribute promo items, but this is the time when you can target more and more customers.  

Whether its about enhancing your identification or improving your reputation, adverting your new product or increasing your sale- all is possible with Christmas corporate gifts. You can send messages to your customers by using giveaways.   

Wide range of Christmas gifts available in the market that you can gift to your clients, customers and employees. Most of the time it is observed that some questions like- should the promo items be used as an advertising tool or simply as a gift, always confuse entrepreneurs.

If you are the one who is stuck in all such queries, then try to resolve all such questions before buying Christmas corporate giveaways.

For whom to buy promotional merchandises?

One of the biggest questions that confused entrepreneurs  is,  for whom to buy gifts this Christmas, for regular customers, or for working staff?

Gifting corporate gifts to regular customers is an ideal way of thanking customers and it’s an effective way to improve and maintain long term customer relationship. It is the best way to show a client that they are special and can encourage them to maintain long term relationship with a particular company rather than going elsewhere.

It is also important to distribute these corporate gifts to working staff, especially on the occasions like Christmas. This is a wonderful way to appreciate working staff for their good work. This will develop a positive image for employer in the heart of employees.

What type of Christmas corporate gifts to buy? 

The next common question that arises in the mind of employers is  what promo item should they select to gift their customers and clients?

As there are innumerable ranges and types of promotional products available in the market, it’s become very difficult and tedious for businessmen to select the one which can fulfill actual purpose.   

Always consider the price, usage, size and shape of the promo item. The price of promotional giveaways must be within your budget and should not affect your financial strength. The product should be useful. If receivers keep the item in their drawer and forget about it, that means it is of no use and thus, will not fulfill your goal. This is only a waste of money. Also, your product should be easy to carry. Try to pick an item that is light in weight and easy to carry here and there.

You can choose customized inflatables for your Christmas occasions. Inflatable Santa, teddy, promotional USB people- Santa, Pen drives and many more options to pick from.

From where to buy?

There are many companies from where you can buy a wide range of promo items at the lowest price. You have to do timely search to find out the best deals.


Promote Your Business With Custom Inflatable Products

If you are running a business and looking for off-line advertising strategies, promotional products is the best option. To boost sales, brand awareness and enhance business identity in the market, promotional merchandises are very effective and economical.

These days companies aren’t satisfied with usual type of promo items. They are looking for something new and interesting. Products such as inflatable beach balls, pool mats, beach bags, beach pillows, cheering hands, custom inflatable toys all have the super strength for attracting attention of people and getting people aware from your products and services and also talking about your products or services.


There are many places and events where you can use inflatables to promote your business, brand and services and if they are used in right manner in front of the optimum audience you surly achieve lasting brand awareness and unexpected benefits.

Inflatables advertising items can be used anywhere and for any type of events and also for different purposes, however a few places are better suited for such advertising items. Most of the business persons use these promo items in trade shows. This is the place where you can inform large crowd about your company, its existing products and new launches.


Businesses will try all kinds of gimmicks to grab the attention of more and more visitors. However if you think seriously you may end up alienating more than a few visitors. With inflatable items you can attract all age people and optimum customers.

Here are some ideas on how you can promote your company with cheap inflatables.

Oder them in advance:

Usually these items are designed to distribute to large number of people, always purchase them in bulk. Also provide the company enough time to print your company messages or logo on such items. This is essential to get quality print and products. It is better to order them in advance so that your will receive your order on time without any delay.

Give Them to Employees as well as to clients:

Most of the businesses makes a common mistake, they distribute the promo items to their customers and consumers only. Employees can use such merchandise on their summer holidays and at the same time they are contributing in promoting their company in large geographical area. And by offering custom inflatables, you can improve your relations with your clients.

There are many more ways with which you can promote your business with inflatables.

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Use Of Promotional Towels - Beyond Imagination

Towels are one of the basic need in all hotels and resorts industries. 82EG3MHKMX79 In today’s dearness era, when these industries are constantly cutting down on facilities to keep exorbitant costs at bay, various promotional merchandises like promotional branded towels, pillows, etc., are used by companies to promote their mission. Special and even the most discriminating guest can manage without royal or extra ordinary amenities, but no one can manage without clean and hygienic face wash cloths in resorts and hotels.


More than a necessity, they are also economical way for advertising. Gym centers, country club, salon or spay centers can distribute promotional hand towels to their regular customers to enhance their identity in long geographical network. When customers receive logo design item from such places they remember the company for long time. Also it add good impression on the customers.


The use of promotional towels is not limited to these industries. They can also be used in many other places. Promotional beach towels are best gift that company can give to their employees when they go for beach outings. When employees receive such kind of useful gifts from their employers, they feel very proud and happy.

Today, even schools and colleges use custom promotional towels for its promotions. They use such kind of products for their hostel requirements. Hand cloths imprinted with college logo or university logo are used in national and international competitions and events with the intention to promote awareness.

Best part of using this product as an advertising resource is its multiple size and shape. It is not necessary to use rectangular size towels, you can design any size promotional towels such as diamond size, round size and many other. Different size face wash cloths attract customers of all age. Long size of product is well enough to print any information company want. Employer can print its company’s name, brand information ,business message, logo and any attractive slogan. This is one such product that easily fit in everyone’s budget. Multiple color selection option really attract people and make user more comfortable and happy by using them.

A good selection of color, design and quality is very essential to impress customers and make full use of this advertising item. If you want to purchase these products for your company promotion, you can purchase them online from any certified company. Company that have good reputation in that market, is good choose as it ensure good quality products.image


5 Most Popular Dental Promotional Products

 Today, dentistry has become a profession which everyone desires to pursue because of the respect and earning opportunities the profession possess. Investing in a self owned dental clinic would open many experimenting doors for a dentist and create a much higher income source. With the development of knowledge and skills it is also important for a dentist to put in efforts for the promotion of his/her clinic and the services they provide.

Dentists need to build their reputation among their clients for a long lasting relationship. This is because a doctor’s career is totally dependent on the amount of respect and trust they receive from their patients. If they are not able to achieve this then it is likely that they would not be able to make a good living out of their profession.

For the development and nurturing of the customer base various promotional methods are used one of of which is a classic way known as customized promotional products. This method really stands out when it comes to making a long lasting impact on a customer. These are items which directly promote a business through visual means. Products of various designs are customized to especially bear the name of the company or their logo on them. 

Dentists today extensively use this promotional method which get them the desired customer inflow. Below are 5 of the most popular customized promotional items which guarantee a customer base which can be nurtured for a long time: 

  1. Printed Dental Floss Packs – everyone needs to floss once in a day so what is more better than putting up your clinic name over the plastic pack. This would surely get noticed by your customer whom you have given this as a gift for the services the customer has taken from you. Choosing innovative designed packs would stimulate the customers to use the product frequently and keep their oral hygiene maintained.

  2. Customized Toothbrushes – these toothbrushes are specifically meant for using while a person is traveling. These are generally known as travel toothbrushes. You get the best opportunity to put in the most creative ideas for choosing the best suitable designs for the toothbrush you are going to use as promotional product. This depends upon the type of customer base you want to target. Colorful designs and interesting shapes would be tempting for young target to use the toothbrush. Also, people who are traveling would certain notice the smartly printed clinic’s name on the toothbrush.

  3. Customized Stress Balls – this is a very fun filled type of promotional product as there is a great scope of putting in creative in puts in it. There are uncountable number of shapes which can be given to this product. Giving it the shape of a germ or a tooth would be very attractive for the target people who are provided with this in the form of a gift or a merchandise. If a client is going to have a dental surgery in the coming time or is suffering from tooth pain then this product would be the best to use as a promotional item as it would help him/her relieve their stress until the treatment is not done.

  4. Tooth Shaped Key Chains – These are one of the oldest ways through which a product or a company name can be promoted. In dentistry, the item is equally capable of promoting a dental business the way it promotes other businesses. These key chains are given attractive shapes which project the profession. Using tooth shaped or germ shaped key chain would be very effective in getting good customer exposure.

  5. Customized Crayon Kits – This product directly target the younger clients. Most of the Children are afraid to visit a dentist. This is a good opportunity for a dentist to build good relationship with the young client so that they come back again to get a checkup. The crayon kits help create a bonding between the child and the doctor as children love to draw and color. They also help the doctor divert the child’s mind from the checkup routine so that he/she does not get afraid when the turn comes.

These were the products which can really do wonders in building strong customer relationships if used smartly. Using good quality promotional products is also very essential so that the product stays intact for a longer period during which it is certain that the customer would build some kind of attachment to it. 

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